If you want to add google input tools you can use below code to add it

  <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.google.com/jsapi">


<script type="text/javascript">

  // Load the Google Transliteration API

  google.load("elements", "1", {

        packages: "transliteration"


  function onLoad() {

    var options = {

      sourceLanguage: 'en',

      destinationLanguage: ['ml', 'hi','kn','ta','te'],

      shortcutKey: 'ctrl+m',

      transliterationEnabled: true


    // Create an instance on TransliterationControl with the required

    // options.

    var control =

        new google.elements.transliteration.TransliterationControl(options);

    // Enable transliteration in the textfields with the given ids.

    var ids = [ "language" ];


    // Show the transliteration control which can be used to toggle between

    // English and Hindi and also choose other destination language.




Text area

<form><textarea name="ta"  rows="6"  id="language" cols="6" style="width:600px;height:218px" ></textarea></form>