Getting information from a single youtube video via in the JSON format. Like title description category, etc whatever, without using any api.

In brief, if you have a single youtube videos id like VA770wpLX-Q, what would the url look like to get that videos information in JSON…
API v2 deprecated. New youtube api v3 works only with developer token and has limitation for free connections.

You can get JSON without API:
Or xml


Sometimes we want use thumbnails from video. But max picture size depends on video resolution (SD or HD). This information absent in json response. To detect picture max size without api you need get 200 response from sddefault.jpg.
if 404 use hqdefault.jpg instead. It has less quality but always exist and you can avoid 1 requests for detection it .
Or use max size
Mini thumbs:
parse mobile page 16kb
don’t forget change user agent to iOS / Safari 7