Hello friends ! Google sheets is really very useful than excel. We can use google sheet as a database or also we can generate json file using the google sheet.I will write a another blog in which you will find that how can we use google sheet as  a database using json but in this blog we will learn that how to convert google sheet to JSON …so lets start:-

Folllow the following steps:-
1. Create a google sheet and put some data
2. Share the sheet by clicking on share button

 3. Click on advance (under the share button)

4.  Turn on public share and click on save button

5.  Copy the share link and paste it in any notepad or word.

6. Now you will get a link something like this :-


7. Now you have to copy the key of the sheet from the link that is :-


for the above link :-
is  the key for the given link

8. Now the Main part :-

Just Copy the give link below and replace the SheetID with you public sheet key :-


Sheet1 represents the sheet tab of you whole file….replace the name of the sheet tab name what ever you have for example:-


and thats it you are done ..

Watch the full procedure in the video:- 

Thanks for visiting ….please comment if you face any problem….